East Mountain Farm has been featured in local press and on video.




"Walk through the open door to the large, red barn, and farmer Kim Wells will show you his freezers; bacon, links, ground pork and bratwurst line the frosty insides, all assigned a different price-per-pound on neon-colored Post-it notes.

"I guess if you asked me what's in my barn," Wells said, "I'd say tons of good meat." 

There are tractors, hay bales in the back too, plus a box truck. But between his retail selection and the walk-in freezer where Wells stockpiles his store of product, there's a lot — a lot — of pork, beef and chicken in his barn."

Farm-to-table a natural fit in the Berkshires | The Berkshire Eagle | March 2018


"Kim Wells of East Mountain Farm in Williamstown, has been farming since 1987. Wells has seen customers' interest in farm-to-table meats increase since 2004, when the Eagle Bridge Smokehouse, a USDA-approved slaughterhouse, opened in nearby New York state ... "It starts with the chefs and it puts them in touch with a quality of product that they can't really get from the big distributors," he said. "Most chefs are just so happy to get real meat.""

SUSTAINABLE BERKSHIRES: On a roll at East Mountain Farm | The Berkshire Edge | September 2017


"Kim Wells, the owner of East Mountain Farm, had always dreamed of owning his own land. After he finished his English degree at Williams College, he fulfilled his dream with the purchase of what is now East Mountain Farm. Wells purchased the land in 1982 and, pulling on a few years of farming experience in Kentucky, began raising livestock. He began selling meat in 1987 and today his pasture-raised beef, chicken and pork have many fans in the region.

Wells farms on 125 acres: 12 acres of pasture support a herd of 6-12 beef cattle and about 1,200 chickens per year, and the rest of the property is mostly wooded. "  


"Raising livestock since 1984, Kim Wells has built a comfortable farm for his animals on his scenic property in Williamstown. The cows, chickens, and pigs at Kim’s farm enjoy the tall trees, cool grass, and clean dirt of the nice outdoors. They are agreeable and content, reflecting Kim’s warm and friendly attitude. East Mountain Farm offers a wide selection of meat products, including steaks and chops, smoked meats, whole chickens, ground beef and pork, sweet and hot links, bratwurst, chorizo, andouille, and pork tenderloin."

The Handsome Hogs of East Mountain Farm | Wild Oats Market | Spring 2014


"A few miles north of Wild Oats Market, on Henderson Road in Williamstown, East Mountain Farm sits on 130-plus acres, most of them wooded but with enough pasture for farmer Kim Wells to keep a small herd of Hereford cattle and flock of cornish rock broiler chickens. Kim uses the woodland acreage for raising pigs - about 40 in all, of various heritage breeds like Tamworth, Berkshire and Old Spot. The fortunate pigs of East Mountain occupy most of the farm's real estate, living on its extensive woodland, where they forage freely to their heart's content."

EAST MOUNTAIN FARM | Berkshire Grown | 2015